Downtown Toms River - A Walkable Downtown

Much of Downtown Toms River provides an enjoyable walking environment, whether it be the tree-lined boulevard-like Washington and Main Streets, or the many side streets of the enjoyable Downtown neighborhoods. There are plenty of hills and flats to walk for exercise or just enjoyment. The south side of Water Street takes you along the Toms River and to lovely Huddy Park. The outstanding Ocean County Library facility is in the center of many great walks. There are places to grab a quick cup of coffee. And there are many historic structures and sites to look at.

Walking Tours:

Here are three historic walks that you can enjoy in Downtown. Just click on the link to download the brochure in pdf format:


Toms River Health Walk
(PDF-86 KB)
For exercise, try one of the exercise walk routes in this brochure

Walking is a type of preventative medicine that helps maintain your health, reduces disease risk, and contributes to your total well-being and quality of life.
Water Street Historic Walking Tour (PDF-106 KB)
Village of Toms River Historic Walking Tour (PDF-99KB)
Did you know…
  • A brisk one mile walk in 20 minutes burns around 100 calories.
  • A daily two mile walk in 30 minutes or less can:
    -Reduce the risk of heart attack by 28% or more.         
    -Reduce the risk of diabetes or high blood pressure.
    -Helps control weight.
  • Walking is FREE and requires no special equipment.  You can enjoy your surroundings, chat with a friend and relax.
Main Street Historic Walking Tour (PDF-123 KB)
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